“People are complex and so are their emotions and expressions. Capturing this is the most wonderful challenge for any photographer.

Many subjects prefer flatting photographs as opposed to a documentary style, but whatever the requirement I will be keen to help. I can be commissioned to take portraits of people of all ages as well as family groups and events including Weddings. Click on the image below to see a gallery of examples.

Featured Gallery

Please click on the images below to be see further examples of my portraiture.

An example of my portraiture.
An example of my portraiture.


Charges will vary according to individual requirements, but some guide prices can be found below:
1) Studio session of approximately 1 hr for individual or family photographs. £50.
2) Shoot on location (i.e. at someone’s home or favourite place) of approximately 2 hrs. I will not charge for travel if it is within 30 miles of Sherborne (Dorset). £70.

These costs are payable before the session begins and cover not only the shoot but also up to one full day’s photographic processing/enhancing. The fee is relatively small when compared with amount of time I have to spend and is more a declaration of intent by the client than anything else. Within a week of the shoot the client will be able to see the final selected images in a dedicated online gallery and will be able to either buy the high resolution digital files and do with them as they wish, or buy prints/wall art from my website. Files and prints can be purchased in many different sizes.

Below are some guide costs:
Buy all the images, as high resolution files, copyright free (that means you own them and can do with them as you wish) £220.
Beautiful, professionally created Photobooks (of between 25 and 100 images, 30 X 30 cm) £249
7.5” by 5” prints £8, £12 if mounted.
12” by 8” pints £39, £44 if mounted.
16” by 24” canvas print £159
20” by 30” acrylic mounted print £249 (high clarity, durable).

All materials are of the highest quality and produced by a professional laboratory. There is a minimum order amount of £50.