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Information about the service

 I am equally happy to take photographs in my studio or to meet with clients for a long walk at a beautiful location and take the photographs in a natural setting.  Studio shots can be absolutely stunning – I am in complete control of the environment including the lights, camera settings and temperature and the dog can be groomed to perfection – the results make a dog look immaculate and often quite regal.  Outdoor shots on the other hand, perhaps taken during a long walk, can produce wonderful, natural results of your dog at his/her happiest, perfectly capturing their character. Both approaches produce beautiful photographs and ultimately it is up to the client to decide whether to shoot in the studio, outdoors or both.  Hopefully the photographs above will help you decide which approach is best for you.


In essence there is an upfront fee as outlined below.  This covers the initial shoot and up to one day’s processing time. The fee is relatively small when compared with amount of time I have to spend and is more a declaration of intent by the client than anything else.  Within a week of the shoot the client will be able to see the images in a dedicated online gallery and will be able to either buy the digital files and do with them as they wish, or buy prints/wall art from my website.

Prices are as follows:

1)      Studio Session (up to 90 minutes).  It probably won’t take more than an hour but sometimes the full 90 minutes may be required.  You will need to bring your dog(s) to my studio in Longburton (Nr Sherborne). Typically I will release between 5 and 25 pictures for viewing and purchase.


2)      Outdoor location (approximately 2 hours).  We agree the location and meet there for an enjoyable walk during which I will take many photographs of your dog (s). It may take a little less than 2 hours or perhaps a little more – I won’t stop until I’m satisfied that I have the shots I need.  Once the photos have been sorted and processed, I will typically release between 25 and 60  for viewing and purchase.


Note:  If the location is less than 30 miles from Sherborne (Dorset) then I will not charge for travel, but if it’s further then I will have to charge extra to cover the travel (please contact me to discuss).

3)      Studio Session (up to 90 minutes) and Outdoor location for approximately 2 hours.

Get the best of both worlds with sessions both in the studio and outdoors.  Typically between 5 and 25 shots from the studio and 25-60 from the outdoor session will be released for viewing and purchase.


If you would like to book a session then please use the contact form and I will be in touch.  Vouchers are available to buy for these sessions and they make great presents for dog loving friends and family – please visit my online ‘shop’.

If your requirements are different to the ones below then please contact me to discuss. I do travel further afield and will consider any location within reason so long as my travel costs are covered. Please note that I have a great deal of professional pride and if I feel I haven’t captured the quality images that I need then I will refund your money or offer another session for free (I don’t give up easily).

Guide prices for buying the images, or prints, are listed below. There are many more size options available and other formats including mugs, coasters, mouse mats and phone/tablet covers if required.

Buy all the images, as high resolution files, copyright free (that means you own them and can do with them as you wish) £199.

Beautiful, professionally created Photobooks (of between 25 and 100 images) £249

7.5” by 5” prints £8, £12 if mounted.

12” by 8” pints £39,  £44 if mounted. 

16” by 24” canvas print £159

20” by 30” acrylic mounted print £249 (high clarity, durable).

All materials are of the highest quality and produced by a professional laboratory. There is a minimum order amount of £50.