“Do you photograph other animals?“

Yes, absolutely!  The same rates apply to sessions with other animals.  Please contact me for further details.

“My dog is difficult to control and never sits still – I’m not sure if a photo session will be possible”.

It is rare to come across a dog that cannot be successfully photographed and I am extremely patient.  Rest assured that if I am not satisfied with the results of a shoot I will refund you money or arrange to try again (I don’t give up easily). If the dog is highly energetic then perhaps take him/her for a walk before-hand if we are doing a session in the studio.

“Should I groom my dog before a photo session?”

That is entirely up to you.  It depends how you want your dog to look in the photographs.  Most owners choose to spruce their dog up to some degree, especially if the shoot is in my studio where every detail is captured.  However, if the shoot is outside and it’s a muddy autumn day then there’s don’t little point in getting a dog pristine. But in all cases please remove gunk from eyes and mouths.

“Can I bring the whole family?”

In most cases it is best not to include too many people – one adult per dog is ideal.  It requires quite a lot of input from owners to get the best results and this tends not to happen if they are looking after children as well.  However, if the purpose is to try to get some shots of the dogs and kids together then it’s fine, especially if we are shooting on location.

“Should I bring anything with me?”

Please bring a brush, treats and a favourite toy. If we are shooting outside also bring a dog water bottle, a lead and doggie poo bags.

“I don’t live near you. Will you travel to my area?”

I am happy to travel though if it’s more than 30 miles from Sherborne (Dorset) then additional travel costs will apply.  Please contact me to discuss.